Gonorrhea infection

Today’s topic is one of the Sexually transmitted disease (STD), Gonorrhea.

The number of reported Gonorrhea infection in Japan has been continuously decreasing since 2002.

Nonetheless the chance of transmission is high, up to 30% per each sexual intercourse.

Asymptomatic gonorrhea infection in genital and pharyngeal area is common.

Sexually active persons with more than one sexual partner without protection have a greater risk.

Gonorrhea causes urethritis in male and cervicitis in female.

The typical symptom of the urethritis is purulent or mucopurulent discharge from the urethra hole and dysuria, difficulty in urination.

Gonorrhea infection in women may result in pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, ectopic pregnancy and chronic pelvic pain.

Pharyngitis and conjunctivitis are also common.

Concomitant Chlamydia infection is often diagnosed.

Incubation time to the symptomatic manifestation of gonorrhea infection is two to five days.

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