When you experience earthquake in Japan, what to do

Earthquake is a daily event in Japan. In 2015 we experienced felt-earthquake 157 times in Tokyo.
Most of the foreign travelers are not accustomed to earthquake.
Some could have panic reaction when the earth strongly shakes.
In this article, I will explain how to cope the large earthquake when you stay in Japan.

Most of the Japanese cell phones are equipped with early earthquake warning system

You can hear the warning tone sample in the following youtube address.

When hear this tone, a big earthquake might come or it might not come.
Anyhow you should prepare. You may have some extension time depending on the distance to the epicenter.
You should immediately go to the entrance and open the door, however do not go out immediately.

You might experience a big earthquake without any precaution.
The first thing you have to do is to secure yourself.
It depends on where you are.
If you are in the building, you should go the entrance and open the door.
But do not go out of the building immediately.
In the case of strong earthquake, outside area near the building is dangerous due to falling materials such as glass from the broken windows.

After the earthquake ceases, several things must be done,

If you are bare footed, try to wear thick sole shoes. It is necessary to wear shoes to protect your foot.
If you are using fire, try to extinguish it.
Collect information, via internet, TV so on.

There are several evacuation site in case of big disaster, allocated by the local government.
It depends on the situation whether you should go to the site or to remain the place where you experience the big earthquake.


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