Influenza infection, how to avoid and what to do during your stay in Japan

  In this video clip I explain how to avoid influenza infection and what to do when infected during your stay in Japan. You have to take rest at least for a week in the case of Influenza infection, however it is difficult when you on a trip. A healthy adult can  normally tolerate well Influenza infection. Nonetheless it can be lethal when you do not take proper rest.


Measles cases have been reported among the employee of Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan. Kansai International airport is the third largest airport in Japan. There are already 31 cases and the number is still increasing. Measles is lethal in some ceses and there is no specific therapy once infected. Measles is very contagious. Approximately 90 % of susceptible people will develope measles following exposure. Floating virus in the air can cause transmission. Vaccination is the only way to avoid it. The symptoms are fever, malaise, cough, coryza and conjunctivitis, followed by skin eruption. The incubation period is 6 to 21 days. It comes through respiratory mucosa or conjunctivae. If you plan to visit Japan, you should check your inoculation records. CDC […]


Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) , Chlamydia infection

Sexually transmitted disease (STD) is of concern, when you travel in foreign countries. I am going to explain several STDs from today. Today’s topic is Chlamydia infection. Approximately 30% of Japanese female sex workers are infected with Chlamydia. 13.1% of Japanese female high school students and 6.7% of Japanese male students are asymptomatic Chlamydia carrier, respectively. Thus the risk of Chlamydia infection is high when you have sexual intercourse with Japanese women and men. Chlamydia infection is also noted in the Pharyngeal region and oral sex is also of some risk.   The majority of female Chlamydia infection is asymptomatic. The uterine cervix is most affected in women and the infection can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, which leads to infertility […]


How to avoid insect bites

Insect bites is often a problem when you travel in foreign countries. I will explain how to avoid insect bites in Japan.