Only a house call is available in our clinic.Outpatient consultation is not available.

The house call time: Monday through Friday:18.00-23.00

Rhein International Clinic

Kamiuma 5-9-18, Setagaya-ku, 154-0011 Tokyo

phone: +81(0)90-8477-4009




Dr. Ueki

The doctor’s fee for a house call varies between 32400-54000 Japanese Yen including consumption tax.

The variation depends on the drug prescribed or used, laboratory test and the time and place of the home call.Credit card is accepted.

Our extra out of hours


Dr. Ueki has a long term experience as a general practitioner, especially home call. Dr. Ueki worked at Kamiuma Clinic, Tokyo Medical and Surgical Clinic and Japan Chine Friendship Clinic.Graduated from Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 1983.